The action concerns the promotion of PDO Krokos Kozanis and PGI Plum Magiun Topoloveni to the third countries Vietnam and UAE. Each product is represented by one partner; PDO Krokos Kozanis is represented by The Cooperative of Saffron from Greece as trade organization and PGI Plum Magiun Topoloveni is represented by SONIMPEX TOPOLOVENI from Romania, an association of entities (organization, producers) that are the sole registered producer and trader of the PGI Magiun de Prune Topoloveni.

The “European Treasure” action provision a set of activities that all partners are familiarized with. They are grouped in the following sets:
•    Website and social media
•    Advertising
•    Communication tools
•    Events
•    Promotion at Points of Sales
These objectives will be achieved focusing in two levels:
1st Level: Increase the recognition of the PDO, PGI logos in terms of authenticity, nutritional and health value
2nd Level: Increase the competitiveness and consumption of PDO/PGI products in third countries and to increase the competitiveness of Union agricultural products and exports
The action joins together 2 proposing organizations from Greece (The Cooperative of Saffron) and Romania (SONIMPEX TOPOLOVENI). Each proposing organization had established a wide cultivation network with high quality standards and significant importance to local economies.

 The Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative from Greece and SONIMPEX TOPOLOVENI from Romania, are the beneficiaries of the Multinational project entitled “European Treasures”